Ofir Yosef

Co-founder and CEO of PhotoMania

Ofir Yosef has been passionate about mass market products and emerging technologies for as long as he can remember. During his studies towards a B.Sc., Cum Laude, in Electrical Engineering, which he earned from Israel’s Technion, Ofir majored in image processing and communication. Ofir worked for major technology corporations including Intel and Samsung. Ofir joined Intel’s wireless division in 2005 as a VLSI engineer, and led the backend development process in various projects, successfully shipping ASIC designs. Ofir also worked for Samsung Semiconductors R&D Canter in Israel as a Senior VLSI Engineer with knowledge and experience in ASIC/SOC designs, flows, and methodologies. Throughout, Ofir kept his interest in image processing alive, and ultimately combined his passion and professional experience to found PhotoMania.

Ofir and his colleagues chose Magma Ventures as their partner and investor because Magma is known as the lead VC in the new media and social fields. As Ofir explains, “Magma supports us on the strategic side, we use them for many business introductions and insights.”