DesignArt Networks

Magma II initially invested in DesignArt Networks, Ltd. in 2006, the year both the Fund and the company were founded. DesignArt Networks developed System-on-a-Chip solutions for the 4th generation of mobile broadband wireless networks, and grew to become the leader of 4G chip technology. DesignArt developed the following products: SoC for single-chip LTE small cells' optimized solutions for macro, micro, pico and outdoor femto cells; non-line of sight (NLOS) backhaul; e-band, point-to-point backhaul, and in-band backhaul solutions. DesignArt taped-out its first product in 2008. In 2010, the WiMAX market appeared to be a major disappointment as LTE became the first major 4G technology deployed. The agile DesignArt quickly pivoted, and the company's Board and management made rapid decisions in order to adjust the company's product offering towards the more lucrative, promising market of LTE. In record time, DesignArt brought the first and most advanced working LTE base-station-on-a-chip to market. In 2011, the company produced a new LTE (4G) chip taped-out on 40 nm technology, and DesignArt's approach to wireless network deployment of small cells grew widely accepted in the industry.

In August 2012, DesignArt was acquired by Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM), a global leader in mobile-focused fabless semi-conductors. Yahal Zilka, Magma's representative on the DesignArt board, played an imperative role in supporting the company through the thick-and-thins of its exit.

Press Release on the Acquisition: