CoreTigo is developing a reliable and secured wireless network system to support tens of IoT nodes at a latency of milliseconds. CoreTigo's system will replace the serial wired cables in industrial control applications, taking the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to the next level. CoreTigo’s wireless network is cross-industry - disrupting for factory and process automation, healthcare equipment and transportation communication. The end to end solution includes 4 elements: 1) Physical layer protocolbased on narrow band signals to address robustness requirements. 2) MAC layerto handle harsh, industrial environments in low latency and still present a negligible packet error rate. 3) System on a modulebased on existing transceivers and MCU that meet regulation and industry standards. 4) SW stackto communicate with upper layer industrial protocols with the right cyber confidentiality and authenticity levels.

At CoreTigo, we believe that our technology and solution will one day replace the majority of the serial wires cables in critical mission applications in the world.