Thursday, 03 April 2014

AppsFlyer Just Raised $7.1M Round A

March 4, 2014 by Oren Kaniel in Blog, news

We wanted to share with you that we just raised a $7.1M A round from Pitango Venture Capital and Magma Venture Partners.

In the last 2.5 years, AppsFlyer's NativeTrack™ technology has rapidly become the industry standard for mobile attribution at scale. AppsFlyer is now measuring billions of mobile actions monthly and global top tier app publishers are using our technology. Our SDK's are now installed on more than 800 million mobile devices, measuring more than $500M in mobile ad spend annually.

AppsFlyer is a product company. We have always focused on both our clients and the product rather than on flashy PR, marketing, advertising or chasing investors.

We realized very quickly that delivering a great product and having happy clients produces better ROI than just pure PR or fancy investor decks. Actually, that's what helped us raise our Seed round back in 2012, as well as the current round. The logic is simple – focus on a great product and on happy clients, the rest will follow and investors will come to you. In fact, our strategy went so well, that AppsFlyer became profitable last year; the current round was oversubscribed and I had to say no to money for the first time in my life :)

What does it mean to our clients? Unlike other companies, we are not going to hire a big sales team. In fact, we haven't even hired our first salesperson yet! Most of this money is going to be spent on the product. We believe that AppsFlyer is a combination of software and a team that helps clients in their everyday goal of growing their apps. Thus, we are going to extend our support team globally.

Special Thanks:

Our Clients – We truly think of our clients as our first investors. Our financial investors took their lead from you. This would never have happened without you. Thank you!
Our Investors – Thanks for the courage of our Seed investors, as well as the support and understanding along the way. Doing business with people with whom you like to work with is crucial. There is no other way. Thank you!
The AppsFlyer Team – You are a group of magicians – the definition of startup people. I would like to give a special thanks to my amazing co-founders Reshef Mann, Lisa Zaythik, Nir Rubinstein and Elad Mashiach, who have been there all the way from the garage stage. You are the proof that dreams come true. Thank you!
Our Partners – Thank you for accepting the new kid on the block when mobile tracking did not yet exist. Thank you for seeing the value in transparent mobile measurement and for helping our clients grow their apps. Thank you!
Friends and Families - Although we haven't seen you for a while, you play a big part in what we have created. Thank you for letting us dream, for the belief in us and the support you provide. Thank you!
The Accelerators – We have been on quite a few :) – The Junction, The Library and the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. Thank you for the coffee, internet, support, office hours and the trust. Thank you!

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