Gloat is an AI-based career development platform matching users with personalized career opportunities in real time while allowing them to remain anonymous.

Gloat provides smart recommendations on what an individual's next career steps could be by using advanced AI to analyze their unique and complex career history while simultaneously comparing the user's information to the career paths of millions of other people. This knowledge gives users the opportunity to make informed, data-driven decisions and even to pursue prospects previously unimagined.

The anonymity provided by Gloat also facilitates a safe place for passive seekers to easily discover and explore their options. Based on the results and recommendations generated, passive as well as active talent can effectively assess offers before the companies even know their names. This in turn significantly widens and enhances the pool of potential employees. Anonymity also mitigates decisions based on gender, age, or ethnic bias, tackling a key social problem that remains to this day.