PayKey is an innovative Fintech company offering a unique Salary-On-Demand platform for banks and financial institutions. PayKey's Salary-On-Demand platform enables banks to unlock new revenue streams by empowering employees of its corporate & SMBs clients, meeting their real-time financial needs anytime, anywhere. By fusing cutting-edge technology with a consumer-centric state of mind, our platform offers an end-to-end SaaS solution for banks to serve a range of financial services such as salary on demand, savings, loans & more. All, are based on real-time employment data, and via a unique co-branded mobile application.

PayKey's platform is designed especially for banks keeping their business, tech and compliance needs at the center of the solution. As a cloud-based platform, the bank has the ability to deliver its corporates and SMBs' employees a new and innovative financial service while minimizing the tech effort needed for deployment, day-to-day maintenance, and keeping the highest standards of security intact.

By providing this unique financial wealth management tool, which has become a common workplace benefit, banks and financial institutions can approach customers of ALL banks creating a new source of revenues from direct salary on demand fees, acquiring new customers offer additional financial services tailored to their needs.

With PayKey, banks can tap an unparalleled opportunity to engage and meet employees' financial needs while keeping their financial wellbeing at the forefront.